Agnus Dei

Mass/Office: Mass

Ordinary/Proper: Ordinary

Text Setting: Neumatic

Form: AAA, ABA, AB AC AB, or some other form to match the repetitions of the text

The Agnus Dei was originally a litany, in which the same text is repeated again and again. It still has that shape, with three statements of the same brief prayer, the last one altered from "have mercy on us" to "give us peace." Agnus Dei melodies come in a variety of forms, but all reflect the three-fold statement of the text.

NAWM 3i is an example of an Agnus Dei in mode 6, in ABA form.

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There is an Agnus Dei in mode 4 and in AAA form in the fourth edition of NAWM (3i).
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There is also an Agnus Dei in the second edition of NAWM (3k). It is in mode 1 and has the form AB CB' DB''.
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