Mass/Office: Mass

Ordinary/Proper: Proper

Text Setting: Neumatic

Medieval Form: Antiphon - Psalm verses -Doxology - Antiphon
Modern Form: Antiphon (alone, with no verses)

The Communion was originally a psalm sung antiphonally, accompanying the ceremony of taking communion, but it lost its verses and now consists only of an antiphon. In style, it is like the antiphon of an Introit, from which it can be distinguished only because it lacks the Psalm Verse and Doxology that are still part of the Introit. It can usually be distinguished from the Offertory because the latter tends to be more melismatic and ornate, having once been associated with solo performance.

NAWM 3j is an example of a Communion in mode 1.

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There is another Communion ini mode 1 in the second edition of NAWM (3l).
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