Mass/Office: Mass

Ordinary/Proper: Ordinary

Text Setting: Neumatic

Form: Often ABCB to match the form of the text

The Sanctus is introduced by a short Preface sung by the priest. The text begins with a threefold "Sanctus" ("Holy, holy, holy"), and the words "Hosanna in excelsis" ("Hosanna in the highest") appear in the middle and at the end. These repetitions are often reflected in the music. Usually, the third "Sanctus" echoes the first. Often, the two "Hosanna" sections are set to the same music, for an overall ABCB form.

NAWM 3h is an example of a Sanctus in mode 8. It does not have a simple ABCB form, but a more subtle pattern of variation of short motives.

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The fourth edition of NAWM includes a Sanctus in mode 4 that follows ABCB form (3h).
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There is also a Sanctus in the second edition of NAWM (3j), again in ABCB form.
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