Z404: The Music of Bob Dylan

Dr. Glenn Gass

Indiana University -- Jacobs School of Music

An examination of Bob Dylan's astonishing songs and an overview of his endlessly fascinating career. The course traces his many incarnations and reinventions, from his early days as a folk-protest singer and pop icon to his current and still vital role as elder statesman and Poet Laureate of popular music.

Syllabus and Required Listening: Z404 Spring 2015 syllabus.pdf

(Download requires Adobe Acrobat)

Spring 2013: Tuesday & Thursday 12:45 - 2:15 in Sweeney Hall (M015)

Instructor: Dr. Glenn Gass, Sycamore 139, 855-9460; E-mail: gass@indiana.edu

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Required text: "Behind the Shades Revisited" by Clinton Heylin; Recommended Text: "Chronicles, Vol. I" by Bob Dylan

Listening: The required listening is on reserve at the Jacobs School of Music Library

LAPTOPS, TEXTING, TWITTERING have proven to be a distraction and will not be allowed in class.

Attendance for the full class period is required. Attendance will be taken and will count as part of your grade, equal in weight to a Test. Pop quizzes are likely as well.

COURSE GRADES will be based on the three exams, all of equal weight, using a straight scale (e.g. A+ 98; A 92; A- 90), and on course attendance and pop quiz scores. Test and course grades will be available via the Z404 Oncourse Gradebook link.

No make-ups will be given without documentation for a University sanctioned excuse. Any requests to review individual tests should be made to the GA within a week of the grade posting. Sorry, but there are simply no opportunities for extra credit or for "rounding up" a course grade in a class of this size.

Please see the syllabus for semester-specific course info.

Zimmerman home on the renamed 7th Avenue

Mathew and Julian Gass relaxing inside the Zimmerman home

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