Z401: The Music of The Beatles

Dr. Glenn Gass

Indiana University -- School of Music

An in-depth, song-by-song look at the music, lives and times of this extraordinary group and songwriting partnership. Offered at Indiana University since 1982, the course focuses on the Beatles' music and is aimed at heightening student listening skills as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for the Beatles' remarkable recordings. The music is supplemented by a multimedia course companion that provides biographical information, audio and video clips and a closer look at the Beatles' songwriting and recording process.

John and George, forever missed

Ringo, Todd Rundgren and Glenn, Oct. 2014

Tues & Thurs 7:15 - 9:15 in Ballantine Hall 013

Instructor: Dr. Glenn Gass, Sycamore 139, 855-9460; Email: GASS@INDIANA.EDU

Required text: "Can't Buy Me Love" by Jonathan Gould

Recommended Text: "The Beatles" by Hunter Davies

Listening: The Beatle albums are on reserve at the School of Music Library and at the Media Center in the Main Library

Attendance is REQUIRED & will be a part of your grade, determined by attendance forms and quizzes.
Your course grade is derived from your test scores, pop quizzes and attendance.

The exams will be a mix of listening identification and short answer and essay questions

No make-ups will be given without a documented and officially sanctioned excuse. Instead, students who must miss an exam will take a comprehensive makeup exam at the end of the semester, following the final exam. This option is also available to students who wish to use the makeup to take the place of a lower exam score (it cannot hurt your grade).

The grading scale is fixed and must remain so in a class this size in the interest of fairness. All requests to "round up" a score or receive extra credit will be regretfully declined. The grading scale is:

Please refer to course syllabus for semester-specific assignments, test dates and other information.

LAPTOPS, Texting, Twittering, have proven to be too detracting and will no be allowed in class.

Grades will be available via the Oncourse Gradebook.

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