The BEATLES' England

Glenn Gass

Provost Professor
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Beatles sites in Liverpool and London

(and Hamburg and New York)


Liverpool overview (pdf file)

Beatle birthplaces

Beatle homes

Beatle schools

Beatle clubs, pubs and concert venues

John & Paul: Strawberry Field, Penny Lane & Woolton

Brian, Stu and Julia: homes and gravesites


Abbey Road and EMI Studios

Beatle homes in London

Beatle offices

Beatle studios and clubs

"A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" film locations

Some Beatle photo locations

A Rolling Stones diversion

A Cotswolds diversion


Hamburg clubs

Other Hamburg Beatle sites


Some New York City Beatles sites

A Bob Dylan detour to Minnesota

Z320: The Beatles in England: a 3-credit summer course offered by Office of Overseas Studies.

Pictures from the 1998, 1999, 2002 and 2004 Beatles in England classes.

Glenn's interview with Beatle biographer Hunter Davies.

Indiana University Music of the Beatles course homepage.

Many thanks to Mark Lewisohn, Piet Schreuders & Adam Smith for their indispensable book, "The Beatles London," and to Ron Jones for his "The Beatles' Liverpool." The two books were my guides to all of the Beatle locations, and are great companions for any Beatles journey.

Thanks also to Natasha Gay of the University of Liverpool Institute of Popular Music, to Beatle walking tour legend Richard Porter, to Chris Buchanan of Abbey Road Studios, and to Mark A. Schneegurt for his helpful Hamburg Beatles website.

Glenn's Indiana University England class tour of Beatle sites, plus two Beautiful Boys:

Beatle sites tour (or view via YouTube)

Mathew and Julian: Beautiful Boys

Visit the Music of the Beatles course webpage for a longer (17') video your of Beatle sites in London and Liverpool.