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Congratulations Mathew, Bloomington High School South Class of '13!

Glenn, Julie and Mao

Beijing, March 2014

Mathew with Accelerant 2013

Julian with The Bluejays 2013

Kauai 2013

Hanalei pier

With our foster elephant, Turkwel, in Nairobi 2011

Giraffe feeding

Aloha from our 2007 sabbatical in Kauai

Surfer dudes on Hanalei Bay

Glenn Gass is a Provost Professor of Music at Indiana University, where he teaches a series of courses on the history of rock music that he began developing in 1982.

Julie Anderson Gass is a Medical Social Worker for Bloomington Hospital's Hospice services.

Mathew Anderson Gass was born in 1994 on John Lennon's birthday, Oct. 9.

Julian Clinton Gass was born on September 22, 1997.

Safari Boys

Sundowner in Kenya

Proud parents pix:

Haleakula Crater, Maui, Spring 2007

Woodstock, Summer 2005

Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto, 2014

Christmas Day in Kauai, 2013 and 2006

Mathew and Michele Rundgren, at his new job at Tiki Iniki, 2013

Mathew and Glenn at the Bluebird Ramble, 2012

Julian and Mathew, Jazz band, 2012

Julian drum set, 2012

Gass Reunion 2012, Kauai

Sundowner in the bush near Kilimanjaro, 2011.

Autumn Boys 2010.

Autumn in Indiana 2009.

Mathew and Julian, San Francisco 2008.

Birthday boys, 2007.

Mathew's Sixth Grade Graduation, Kilauea School June 2007.

Anderson Reunion, Kauai 2007

Gass Reunion, Michigan 2006

Glenn and Julie at Big Pink, Summer 2005

Gass family in England, Summer 2004.

Mathew and Julian, Spring 2004.

Julian's first day of school, 2003

The family in the redwoods, 2003.

Mathew and Julian in London, Summer 2002.

Crossing Abbey Road, 2002.

Julie, Mathew and Julian, May 2002.

Family portrait at the Chess Records museum, Chicago, June 2001.

March 2001 family photo

Mathew's Kindergarten in Hanalei, Hawaii, on the island of Kauai (during our Fall 2000 sabbatical).

Mathew and Julian at Mt. Rushmore, August 2000.

Mathew & Julian 2000

Mathew's violin class

Mathew & Julian studying the map, June '99

Christmas 1998

Cadillac Ranch, June 1998

Mathew at Billy the Kid's grave, June 1998

Julian learning to crawl in the Cotswolds, May 1998

Mathew & Julian with Grandma & Grandpa Gass, October 1997

Visit from Nana & Gaga Anderson, September 1997

Mathew and Julie (and Julian), September 1997

Mathew turns two, October 1996

Mathew and Elvis, Christmas 1995

Mathew in the backpack, California, June 1995

Mathew at two weeks, October 1994

Mathew in Kauai, Fall 2000

Julian in Kauai, Fall 2000

Glenn's Trip to the Beatles' England website

Abbey Road boys

Click here to see some pictures from the 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2011 Beatles in London Classes.

Video Tour of the Beatles' England:

Glenn's resume (pdf file)

Course webpages:

  • Rock History at IU: central homepage for non-major music courses at IU
  • Z201 History of Rock Music I: Roots of Rock to the British Invasion
  • Z202 History of Rock Music II: Rock's Classic Era
  • Z401 Music of the Beatles

  • Z404 Music of Bob Dylan

  • The Beatles in London: offered through the IU Office of Overseas Studies

  • Music:

    Ring Around Love: The Hollow Tree (Glenn Gass & Van Bartley)

    Beatles Collage

    A Brief History of Rock & Roll

    Some Rock History encounters:

    Guest lecturer John Mellencamp, Fall 2004

    Failed Beatles Glenn and Pete Best, May '05

    RINGO, Todd Rundgren and Glenn, Oct. 2014

    Booker T. Jones, IU Honorary Degree recipient 2012

    Wells Scholars Professor Todd Rundgren 2011

    Performances (on YouTube):


    Other Gass and Anderson Webpages:

    Two Beautiful Boys