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site of the Bambi Kino, 33 Paul-Roosen Street

Reeperbahn Police Station

The Bambi Kino (cinema) was a small and decidedly sleazy movie theater owned by Bruno Koschmider, who also owned the Indra and Kaiserkeller clubs. The Beatles lived in cramped quarters behind the movie screen during their first stay in Hamburg, August - November 1960. Now an apartment building, the cinema entrance was where the garage door now stands.
The Reeperbahn Police Station is the most notorious in Germany, and it is here that Paul and Pete were brought after Koschmider seized upon their parting prank at the Bambi Kino (setting a condom on fire) as a chance for vengeance after the Beatles defected to a rival promoter's club. Paul and Pete were promptly deported, and the Beatles' first excursion to Hamburg came to an abrupt end.

Gretel & Alfons cafe

inside Gretel & Alfons

The Gretel & Alfons cafe, a few doors down from the Star Club, was the Beatles' favorite offstage hangout, and popular with all the groups, strippers and other "entertainers" as a refuge from the circus atmosphere of the other Reeperbahn clubs. A signed Paul McCartney poster hangs just inside the door, along with a receipt for the 1989 payment of a long-standing bill... McCartney settled up on the occasion of his 1989 show in Hamburg, and wrote "Paid In Full" under his signature.

Friedrich Ebert Hall

Friedrich Ebert Hall concert board

The Beatles made their first professional recordings as the backup band for singer Tony Sheridan in May 1961. The recordings were made under the supervision of producer Bert Kaempfert in the Friedrich-Ebert Hall in Harburg, a suburb of Hamburg. The Friedrich-Ebert Hall is actually an auditorium in a school building; the recordings were made on the auditorium stage with the curtains pulled. The Hall is located across from the Heimfeld S-Bahn (train) stop.

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