Liverpool: Beatle Homes

9 Newcastle Road

"Mendips" 251 Menlove Avenue

John spent his first five years at 9 Newcastle Road (two blocks from Penny Lane), the family home of his mother, Julia Stanley. He then moved into "Mendips," where he was raised by his Aunt Mimi and where he lived until he was twenty. John's mother was run over by a car and killed in front of Mendips when John was 17.

72 Western Avenue

12 Ardwick Road
From 1946 until 1955, the McCartney family lived in the sprawling Speke industrial development south of Liverpool, first at 72 Western Avenue and then at 12 Ardwick Road.

20 Forthlin Road

A tour group visits the National Trust home...

Paul McCartney's family moved to Forthlin Road in the Allerton suburb in 1955. (Paul's mother, Mary, died of breast cancer less than a year after the move to Forthlin Road.) The McCartney's old "council flat" has now been purchased and made a historic site by the National Trust.

25 Upton Green

174 Macket's Lane

George Harrison's family moved from his Arnold Grove birthplace to Upton Green in the Speke industrial development in 1950. George met Paul at a bus stop in Speke when both families lived there, and the Harrison home in this distant locale was the setting for many Quarrymen rehearsals, thanks to the relative tolerance of George's parents... The Harrisons moved up to Macket's Lane in 1962 and lived there until 1965, continually besieged by Beatle fans.

10 Admiral Grove

A view up Admiral Grove

Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital

At the age of six, Ringo Starr moved to this small "two up, two down" on Admiral Grove, just around the corner from his birthplace on Madryn Street and in the heart of a working class area called The Dingle. Serious health problems made the Children's Hospital on Myrtle Street (now demolished) his second home for nearly a year.

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