Liverpool: Beatle Schools

Dovedale School

St. Silas Primary School

John and George each attended (three years apart) the Dovedale Infant School and the adjoining Dovedale Junior Boys School. Dovedale Road intersects with Penny Lane a few blocks from Dovedale School. Ringo attended St. Silas Primary School across the street from his home in the Dingle before moving to Dingle Vale Secondary School, where he spent a few fitful years (in-between lengthy hospital stays) before leaving school for good at fifteen.

Quarry Bank Grammar School

Liverpool Institute

At the age of eleven (after passing their "eleven-plus" exams), John moved to the Quarry Bank Grammar School on Harthill Road (across from the Liverpool Botanical Gardens) while Paul and George were both accepted into the rather prestigious Liverpool Institute, on Mount Street near the Anglican Cathedral that dominates the city's skyline. Quarry Bank and the Liverpool Institute were roughly the equivalent of American Junior High and High School. While at Quarry Bank, John developed a well-earned reputation as a troublemaker and formed The Quarrymen, his first group. Paul recently played a major role in re-opening the Liverpool Institute as a "Fame"-style school for the performing arts.

Liverpool College of Art

Liverpool Institute and Mount Street

John began attending Art College in 1957 while Paul and George were still at the neighboring Liverpool Institute (the Art College faces Hope Street at the corner of Mount and Hope, and backs into the Liverpool Institute), making for easy meetings and impromptu rehearsals after school and while cutting class. John met Stu Sutcliffe--his best friend and Beatle bass player--at Art College, as well as his future wife, Cynthia Powell.

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