Z320: The Beatles in England

Glenn Gass

Summer Session I course sponsored by the
Indiana University Office of Overseas Studies

A few scenes from the 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2011 Indiana University British Invasions...

Abbey Road 1969

Abbey Road 1998

Site where John met Paul in 1957

Casbah Club, Liverpool

Abbey Road Studio Two

Studio Two control room

On the bus...

frolicking on the "Can't Buy Me Love" field

On the train to Liverpool and...

an authentic Paul sighting (May 2002)!

Visiting Penny Lane and...

Strawberry Field

At the Liverpool Institute...

and John Lennon's home

With Roag Best at the Casbah

Toasting IU at the Cracke

Russell Square 1963

Russell Square 1998

Chiswick House grounds, site of...

... "Rain" & "Paperback Writer" videos

Chiswick House 2011

Beatle touring in London

EMI House

Abbey Road Studios

...and a parting message

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