Z402: The Music of Frank Zappa

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Course Overview

Course number: MUS Z402, section #8128

Meeting time: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00 to 5:30 in M267

Instructor: Andy Hollinden

Associate Instructor: Eric Garabrant

Required texts:

  1. Frank Zappa: The Real Frank Zappa Book
  2. Course Maxi-Packet from Collegiate Copies

Course description: Z402 is a detailed survey of the life and musical career of rock music's coolest composer, Frank Zappa. We trace Zappa's creative output from his work with the Mothers of Invention through his solo projects, his "big band" period, his orchestral & chamber compositions and, finally, his groundbreaking work with the Synclavier. All of Zappa's commercially released albums are discussed, and students are responsible to know a set listening list of material from these releases.

Grading: Each of the 5 exams is worth 50 points for a semester total of 250 points. Make-up exams will be given only to those with a written excuse from the University or doctor. If you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to contact the AI before the next class metting to set up a make-up time. If you fail to contact us, we will assume that you are taking the class pass/fail and that you don't mind getting a zero for your test score. Grade breakdown is a straight scale:

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